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Why is my Canon MAXIFY MB5120 Printer Printing Blank Pages?

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Hi friends, Could someone kindly explain the method by which the Canon MAXIFY MB5120 Printer prints blank pages?

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If you find this type of issue on your Canon MXIFY MB5120 printer handlings. Make use of the given guidelines and start the best printing work not the blank pages out there.


Reasons Behind Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

You can get this type of error, you can get this Canon Pixma printer printing blank pages:

  • Put the printer to default in hardware or printer drivers related to the Canon printer
  • You can also get this error due to improper ink cartridge installation & preparations.
  • Empty or low Ink levels or other basic issues that may trigger these issues/ problems of Canon printer printing blank pages.
  • Even if you have any blockage of vacuum during the process of printing using the device.
  • Eventually, it can also be other major reasons like corrupted software.


Steps To Resolve Canon Pixma Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue.

Operate through the given below steps to instantly solve the Canon printer printing the blank pages:

Deep Cleaning by Printer Settings 

  • To begin with, connect through the Control Panel of the Windows desktop screen to find the Devices and Printers
  • Further, utilize the Properties by right-clicking the desired Canon MAXIFY MB5120 printer name.
  • Utilize the Device Settings from the printer properties section and tap the 
  • Now, select the Print head option that is located to find the Preference Choose the Services and Clean Print head option.
  • Hit the previous option till you find the clear print head. Then, use the options like Maintenance tab > Deep cleaning >Nozzle check.
  • Try to assign the trial print work and begin the proficient print access.


Update the Printer Driver

  • Make use of the system search via the Windows Home key + S key and through the Search box, type & select Device Manager.
  • Select the Device Manager>Print Queue option to expand on it.
  • You need to right-click on the page to choose the Update Driver option and rectify whether you have any updates or not.
  • Utilize the Update option and install it. At last, you have to restart the system and do trail print work.


Reinstall the Canon Printer Driver:

  • To begin with, use the control panel to pick the Programs and Features and relax until you see your printer driver.
  • Now, right-click on the desired driver software and pick the Uninstall option.
  • At last, try to access the active system and download the latest printer driver again using the Official com/ijsetup.


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Hello hinersoot, a sincere thank you for your explanation. It really helps me.


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