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Why is my Canon TS6420a Printer not printing after Windows 11 update?

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Hi guys,

If anybody knows the solution, please guide me on this.

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You can get this type of error if you have recently made a windows 11 update- Carry out the steps given below to resolve the Canon printer not printing after the windows 11 update or upgrade. You can also have the support

What causes the "Canon Printer not working'' after Windows 11 update?

Method 1: Update Windows 11

  1. Access the system settings using the Start button to pick the option- Settings. 
  2. Operate through the settings page to select the Windows Update option > Check for updates button. 
  3. Further, you need to access the given instructions to accomplish the upgrade and restart your computer.

Method 2: Remove the Last Windows 11 Update

  1. Connect through the system and continue with the options like Start button > Settings.
  2. Further, connect and move on with the options like Windows Update option > Update history option.
  3. Utilize the next page to use the Uninstall updates option.
  4. Connect through the shown list of available Windows updates to pick the latest update and hit the ‘Uninstall’ button. Now, use the given on-screen to finish the updating process, then restart your computer once.

Method 3: Run Printer Troubleshooter

  1. You need to use the Start button and connect via Settings.
  2. Connect through the next page and select the System option, scroll below to pick the option- Troubleshoot option.
  3. Continue to the next page to select the Other troubleshooter option.
  4. Further, choose the Printer > Run button.
  5. Relax and track the given on-screen. 

Method 4: Update Printer Driver

  1. Connect through the active browser page by mentioning support.hp.com/drivers, and choose the ‘Enter’ button. Utilize the option- Printer. 
  2. Confirm the product type and specify the Canon TS6420a printer by selecting from the list.
  3. Make sure whether the OS is selected compatible with Windows 11. If not, use the Choose a different OS to prefer Windows 11.
  4. Navigate downward and finalize with the ‘Download’ link. Hit the Save File button to start the download process of the driver.
  5. Confirm the Run the downloaded printer driver file and utilize the stated on-screen instructions to install the printer driver on your computer.

Method 5: Run System Restore

  1. To begin with, use the Search button, mention the system restore in the search bar, and specify the ‘Create a restore point from the search results.
  2. Hit the System Properties window, hit the Protection is ‘On’ under Protection Settings, and choose the System Restore button.
  3. Utilize the System Restore screen > ‘Next’ button.
  4. Choose the system restore point> ‘Next’ button. Tap the ‘Finish’ button > ‘Yes’ button to begin the system restore process.
  5. You need to wait until your restoring process gets completed to start the active printer access.
  6. Wait and connect through the notification regarding the restore process have been done on your system screen.

  Yet, do you face any issues on your Canon TS6420e printer regarding not printing after the windows 11 update? 

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Hi retvkat,  Thanks for sharing your guidance. It's very helpful for me


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