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How to get my Epson Printer back on a Mac When it is Offline?

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Hi Everyone

If anyone knows "How to get my Epson Printer back on a Mac When it is Offline?"Can anyone share your methods.

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To escape from Offline issues, you need to use the below steps and rectify your Epson printer offline issue. Connect through the Epson Official page and ensure printer accessibility according to its specs.


  1. Confirm the Interface connection between the Epson printer and Mac system through the active network & power connection.
  2. Look for any sort of loose connection and ensure its required settings.
  3. Go nearby the Mac system and utilize the Apple Menu.
  4. Then, proceed with the System Preferences >- Printers & Scanners.
  5. Move on to the follow-on page to find the desired Epson printer under the Printers & Scanners section.
  6. Further, you need to pick the Printer option and inspect whether the printer is under active printer status through the Default printer option.
  7. Now, you need to Restart once and connect through the Mac system concerning the stated colorful prints.
  8. If you face the same problem on your Mac system connection.

Other steps to escape from Offline issues:


Restart EPSON wireless printer and Router:


  1. First, turn ON your desired Epson printer and wait at least 20 seconds.
  2. Then, disconnect the existing connectives from the rear end of the printer.
  3. Further, switch OFF the system you have chosen/selected.
  4. Again, try to connect the cords as per the rear side of the Epson using the given Epson Manual.
  5. Next, you need to disconnect the wired connections from the wireless router and relax until 20 minutes.
  6. Now, reconnect the cables to the router and turn ON the desired compatible system.
  7. Yet, if you face the same Offline issue on the Epson Printer, use the below step-wise.

Note: wait until you get the network restored notification.


Link wireless printer to the network- (Recommended for Touch screen panel)


  1. Initially, connect through the active printer control panel and use the wireless icon.
  2. Further, pick the setup icon > Restore network default/ Restore network settings.
  3. Simply, give the yes option to authenticate as per the setting preferences.
  4. Utilize the required navigation back arrow and connect via Wireless settings> Wireless setup wizard.
  5. Now, your printer will automatically search for the available Wi-Fi network.
  6. Next, proceed with the needed Epson printer. If not available, take the manual method and connect it.
  7. Type the appropriate Network security credentials > ok.

Note: Try to specify the Network credentials with proper specific characters.


Inspect the Cable connections:


  1. Initially, ensure that the connected network is configured properly among the printer & system.
  2. Try to rectify its USB cable connections and whether it is connected to its ports properly.
  3. If at all, it's the Wireless printer, confirm with the network stability and router activeness.



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Hi,   mattinscoot thanks for sharing this method. Its very easy to use this method. 😊 


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