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  • The content will be changed and modified as it is the sole right of the website.
  • There will be no prior intimation made about the changes and modifications of the content.
  • The information that is found on the website is troubleshooting guidelines for printers.
  • There is no guarantee that the issue will be rectified by following the content.
  • The individual is responsible the disclosing personal information and the company will not be held liable for it in any way.
  • The terms and conditions on the website will be changed at the discretion of the website owner alone and no prior notification will be given.
  • The terms and conditions will have to be accepted and followed if the user utilizes the service provided.

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This website is not associated with the printer brands used on the website or any other third party system. The logos, brand names and images are used for the sole purpose of sharing information. The printer-troubleshooting.com is used to provide information on setting up and solving printer issues with no ties to other companies.